31 July, 2009

Game Journal: Fallout 3

written by Blain Newport on Thursday, July 30, 2009


Welcome to Lamplight Caverns.

Okay, so it wasn't a warm welcome. But I was scary gas mask fireman guy with an assault rifle, so I couldn't blame him. The language seemed uncalled for, though.

(Yes, I censored a screen shot.)

Lamplight Caverns was a tourist attraction. When the bombs dropped a class full of kids was trapped inside. The adults with them proved to be pretty useless. One was a molester. So the kids got rid of them and started their own settlement.

Here I am getting the history lesson. Like the Nuka-Cola tour, there was no test. They also didn't bother to mention how they replenish their population. My guess is doorstep babies from everywhere since there are very few children anywhere else. The children had done an impressive job teaching themselves how to survive.

But if this wasn't a video game, I would be highly suspicious of walking on anything they built.

They also had a rule that only people below a certain age could stay there. (I was only allowed to visit because I had taken a perk called Child at Heart.) One of the kids was having his last Lamplight birthday. He bugged me to help him get to Big Town, a settlement where the kids who are too old go. There wasn't really much to do in Lamplight, so I agreed.

He was supposed to be highly annoying. But the way he was annoying was so transparently scripted that I couldn't hold it against him.

There was a lot of saving during this journey. Despite the fact that this guy sneaks when I sneaks, he still attracted too much attention / opened fire too often. I think he died three or four times. In many cases, I just let people die. It feels like a truer story. But in this case there was no more story if dumb kid gets himself killed. And I don't like being held responsible for faults in the AI.

And the story was depressing enough as it is. When we got to Big Town, it was less than ten people. They'd been under constant assault from super mutants and slavers. They were freaked out and fatalistic. Most recently the super mutants had dragged away the town doctor. I volunteered to go on a rescue mission.

It was cool. I fought more super mutants than I had before. I got to clear out a police station. And I got to rescue the doctor and her dumb friend. All while looking like the fire safety lecturer from hell.

Watch your step. Safety first. Only you can prevent forest fires.

When we got back to Big Town, I told everyone to hide while I took care of the next super mutant patrol. They only sent two guys, so it was a quick mop up. It felt good. I decided I should quit the wasteland while I was ahead and get back to exploring downtown D.C.

Next Time: No Head is Safe

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