27 July, 2009

Game Journal: Fallout 3

written by Blain Newport on Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'd explored the southwest and the northwest, so now it was time to explore the west west. The first stop was Girdershade. It turned out to be two shacks under the remnants of a collapsed freeway. In one shack was Sierra.

She was a bit of a Nuka-Cola fanatic. This is her giving me the tour. I don't remember any of it now, but I tried to pay attention to names and dates in case there was a test at the end. :P She wanted me to get her enough Nuka-Cola Quantum to fill her soda machine, which was a lot. She also told me drinking it makes your pee glow in the dark. I was glad I hadn't been drinking it and would soon have enough to fill her request.

In the other shack was a guy named Ronald. Sierra said he'd protected her from bandits, Lug-Nut in particular, if I recall. Ronald offered to pay me more money for the Quantum so he could give it to Sierra and be her hero. But I was confused. Grady had The Naughty Nighty at some point and was trying to get it to Girdershade. Lug-Nut and associates had killed him and would have killed me to get their hands on the nighty. And Ronald seemed to have some connection to Lug-Nut as well. It seemed like there were a lot of men interested in Sierra.

I wasn't one of them. When Sierra and Ronald warned me about a raider camp in a nearby train yard, that seemed more my speed. I dismantled the raider's booby traps and the raiders. But when I freed the slaves they'd been keeping, the slaves just stood around doing nothing. They didn't have anywhere to go. So it was time to go back to the National Mall. Hannibal (leader of The Temple of the Union) had asked me to go clear out the super mutants who had taken over the Lincoln Memorial. But they were already dead, and the place was full of slavers.

I killed all the slavers, then fast traveled to The Temple of the Union to tell Hannibal. He told all his people and they got started. I fast traveled back to the memorial and went about disarming all the booby traps the slavers had installed. It took a long time, but when the sun came up and I looked across the reflecting pool it felt like I had made a better day for some people who needed it.

I waited around for a while, but Hannibal didn't show. So I fast traveled back to the raider camp. The slaves still wouldn't budge.

I decided I'd done my part and would pick up the slave quest stuff after some more exploring.

Next Time: A Needle in the Wasteland

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