09 October, 2008

Keepalive: Titan Quest, Wario Land 4, GTA: San Andreas

I'm leading a strangely charmed life in Titan Quest. I wanted to check out the Storm skill tree and have been getting high powered item drops like crazy. Of course the one blue she could actually use rolled into the sea and was unrecoverable, but once we start multiplayer, she'll be Santa Claus to all the other players.

Also the storm tree is rocking pretty hard so far. One or two shots from a staff is enough to take down most opponents. And she's just flying through areas that I remember being slogs previously. I do have some +12% movement leg gear for when I pull six baddies at once, though. Cloth armor doesn't soak much damage.

I also got a used GBA player for the Gamecube and am playing Wario Land 4 on a big screen TV. It's not platform bliss, but I'm enjoying it, and both converter and game were less than Wario Shake

And I'm still futzing with GTA once in a while. Sometimes I get a little tired of the in game radio (this is my second time through game, after all), so I'm enjoying having my entire collection of audio on shuffle throughout the game. Bad Relgion. Talking Heads. Nat King Cole. Freezepop. Wipeout 3. MC Frontalot. Radio Orangevale. Craig Chaquico. Brother Nolan. Weird Al. ilovebees. Eclectic might be an understatement.

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