29 October, 2008

Keepalive: Jericho, Yakuza 2, Penny Arcade 2

For no good reason, I have started recording a playthrough of Jericho. I have not uploaded it yet. I mostly try to let the game speak for itself. I don't imagine anyone will actually want to watch it. My dialog isn't funny. The game is thoroughly profane. But the whole point of this blog is to get stuff out of my head, and doing a video playthrough of Jericho has been in my head for a very long time.

Next up will be Heart of Evil, the best Half-Life mod no one I have ever met actually played.

I haven't spent any more time on my hostess club in Yakuza 2. I started watching Justice League Unlimited and couldn't stop. But now it's over again, and I can get back to dealing with hostess squabbles, wallpaper choices, etc. I'm using the FAQ again, because I just want to burn through it, see if anything crazy and weird happens, then get back to the main game.

Episode 2 of the Penny Arcade game is out. It feels like a direct continuation of the old game, enough so that it's giving me the same deja vu as Yakuza 2, which is weird considering it was only few weeks between the Yakuzas and four months between the PA games, for me.

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