14 October, 2012

Not Dead

written by Blain Newport on Sunday, 14 October, 2012

But I have been sick. :P

Torchlight 2

As I get further along and commit to certain skill paths and weapon setups, the amount of interesting decisions I make get further between. I may use it for digital knitting when I listen to podcasts, or I may just leave it alone until it's time for co-op.


Some of the folks from work are starting a weekend Pathfinder game. Pathfinder is basically the traditionalists version of D&D as D&D keeps getting reinvented / mainstreamed. If there are no objections I'll probably start writing up our adventures and maybe some backstory for my character here.

Blood Bowl

There's also a Blood Bowl league being started by folks at work. I picked up the game and played through the tutorial (which is colorful but a bit of a slog) and one beginner game to get an idea of play. I was a quarter of the way through the game before I realized players could stand up after getting knocked down. :P

Street Fighter IV

The foosball table at work is having problems. The silver paint is cracking off the rods. The table surface has warped. One of the sets of ball bearings keeps losing its cover. So what does the boss do? He goes out and buys a 360, some fancy fight sticks, and Street Fighter IV. I lead a strange life where most of my gaming is work related.

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