05 August, 2012

Splinter Cell: Convition Spoilers

written by Blain Newport on Saturday, 4 August, 2012


Sam's daughter lives. Sam gets three-eyed goggles.


Stealth games are really hard to do well. If the opponents are too easy to sneak up on, it's busy work. If they're too hard to sneak up on it feels unfair. Waiting for patrols can be super dull. There are a lot of pitfalls.

Conviction gets around most of them. There's fair warning when Sam's close to being spotted, so there's less trial and error. There are often multiple viable ways to get through a section, so it didn't feel too constrained or monotonous. The way enemies peek from cover gives the player a nice window to sneak from hiding spot to hiding spot and flank them. It's stealth I don't hate, which is an accomplishment.

The always online DRM disrupted my game twice, which is probably also an accomplishment, but still lousy.

UPDATE: Not only is it the DRM lousy, but I just started reading the gaming news for the week and apparently the browser plugin Ubisoft installs with all their games has a vulnerability that opens your PC to scripting attacks.

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