22 July, 2012


written by Blain Newport on Saturday, 21 July, 2012

Technically it's Fear 3, but they wrote it F.3.A.R. on the cover, so I sometimes call it Fuh-Threar.

I didn't bother taking any pictures on my trip through Fear 3, so here's a picture from the original Fear I've had stashed away.

Apparently I was having a good day with the spike gun to get so many head shots.

So, yeah. Fear 3.

It's totally a game. There's shooting... with guns.

Aw, who am I kidding. I'd like to care about the story in the game, but none of the characters are interesting or sympathetic, so it doesn't matter if they get what they want. The art's pretty good (although the combination of depth of field blurriness and environments the same color as the enemies was a problem for gameplay). There's some nice music. And if you like cat scares (minus any actual cats), say no more.

Still, I'm glad I only paid five dollars.

The Steam summer sale is just about over. It seems like the voting deals and flash deals were just upcoming daily deals, which makes them fairly pointless. I picked up a few games so that I'd never have to dig up the CDs again. I added a few games that won't run on my system for whenever I finally upgrade. And there are a couple other games I'll actually play and write about (L.A. Noire and Legend of Grimrock).

It wasn't terribly exciting, but I'm old and jaded, so that's to be expected. The bar to get me excited is so high the FAA requires flashing lights on it.

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