18 December, 2009

Keepalive: Republic Commando, Jericho, Zombie Driver, Mercenaries 2

written by Blain Newport on Friday, December 18, 2009

The Republic Commando walkthrough is done. The novels have made it a bit less wonderful. And playing in front of people in a walkthrough always makes me painfully aware of every glitch and design flaw, not to mention the large quantity of filler in most games. I would never consider doing a Mass Effect playthrough. :P

I played through Jericho again, mostly as something to keep my hands busy while listening to podcasts. The game has plenty of flaws, but it's still fun to pop monster heads like melons and use various super powers.

As a similar hand busying diversion I picked up Zombie Driver, an overhead game where you run over zombies. Much like Madballs it was a nice, disposable diversion. Actually, Madballs is a little better. But running over zombies is still pretty fun.

For Co-op Thursday, more Mercs 2 was played. It wasn't as much as usual because Comcast fell down for a bit and the game requires an internet connection for local multiplayer. :P

The bit we did play was pretty cool, though. Story time!

We had an assignment to take out another oil rig. Chris calls in a two person chopper to fly us there. As we approach we take a missile hit from nowhere and hit the deck of the rig quickly to avoid getting blown out of the air. It turns out an enemy attack chopper had come in behind us. While Chris decided to go wreak havoc on the rig, I decided to duck into the maze of cargo containers on the deck so that the enemy chopper would come close enough to grapple.

After zipping up to the enemy chopper and chucking the pilot out, I turned back to the oil rig to see it covered in explosions. It's possible some other damage I'm not aware of weakened the rig beforehand, but all we know for sure is that Chris attached one block of C4 to a fuel storage tank and when it detonated the whole rig started to go up.

Trying to play it up like an action movie, I flew in as close as I felt I could to where Chris was and yelled for him to grapple onto my new chopper. He did and we flew away from the sinking, burning platform. Unfortunately an enemy chopper from another faction saw our escape and attacked us. Our chopper was already smoking, so I tried to gain altitude in anticipation of a daring stunt.

As our chopper finally caught fire and went out of control, I jumped out of the cockpit, found the enemy chopper, and grappled to it in mid-air. After ejecting the pilot, I found Chris had hit the water and hijacked a civilian boat. I winched the boat and flew us to an enemy oil tanker. I dropped Chris' boat on the deck (gently) and started using the chopper's minigun to clear enemy soldiers in his way.

Chris planted C4 on a fuel canister. (Can you see where this is going?) I flew in low figuring I'd pull him off, then we'd detonate from a safe distance. Everything, including my chopper, exploded and Chris and I began a long swim to shore.

Do you get why I don't care about action movies any more?

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