26 December, 2009

Keepalive: GTA4, The Witcher

written by Blain Newport on Saturday, December 26, 2009

GTA4 picked up a little. Some bad things happened that gave me hope the plot would pick up. Unfortunately the game is not getting bogged down in "friend activities", basically boring minigames I have to play if I want to get special benefits from being friends with certain people. I'm staying friends with my cousin (who I brought a lot of trouble down on), a Jamaican gangster (who saved me in a firefight and can sell me lots of guns), and the undercover cop who's pretending to be my girlfriend. Trust me, that's not a spoiler. If you can't tell Michelle's a cop, you should never ever ever consider committing a crime. Things will go badly for you.

I also started up The Witcher. It's based on books and short stories by Polish author Andrjez Sapowski. The game even gave me the option to have Polish voices and English subtitles, which is good. The voice acting is usually better in the native language of the developer.

The world seems to have interesting lore, and the opening cinematic was the best action scene I've seen in years. The best fights tell stories, and that was a very chatty fight (with no words). The fighting in the game is very lackluster after how cool the opening fight was, but I'll persevere to see what the story has in store. It's definitely dark fantasy, but that just inspired me to draw silly hats on everyone in screenshots.

Also the "bounciness" of the one female character I've met communicates pretty clearly that this game is not to be taken seriously.

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