28 December, 2009

Keepalive: GTA4, Red Faction: Guerrilla

written by Blain Newport on Monday, December 28, 2009

My trek through GTA4 continues. Over the course of the story, you open up new islands. I was getting bored with the game, but the opening of the second island came with some story progression that showed promise. Now I'm very bored again. Crazier stuff has happened, but the mechanics of the game aren't interesting or fun.

This is in sharp contrast to Red Faction: Guerrilla. The mechanics are lots of fun. I run around and smash through walls with my space sledgehammer. And thanks to a bug, the game runs way too fast, which is actually awesome. I sometimes wish all games had adjustable speed settings. It would be very helpful to learn a fighting game, for example, at a slower speed, then gradually increase it. And RFG is much more fun when I'm a little buzzsaw of hammer destruction.

It's too bad RFG is a horrible port. Sure, GTA runs poorly, but it doesn't crash every ten minutes. I'm jumping through all the hoops with RFG (manually installing patches that Games For Windows Live refuses to install, running RFG in a window instead of fullscreen, and turning off the Steam overlay), but it's still locking up, just less often.

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