10 December, 2009

Keepalive: Back to No Gaming

written by Blain Newport on Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm so bored with so many things. Call of Cthulhu stinks once the action gets going. Mass Effect was a nice mild boring, but I tried to play it on hardcore where it's boring and painful. Bleh. I lost interest in KotOR, again. And the patches for Borderlands seem to reduce its performance. I paid Gearbox $10 for the DLC, which made the game unplayable. It's just sad. I played some Jericho just to assure myself that I still like shooting stuff, then I uninstalled Borderlands. I uninstalled a lot of stuff. It's finally time to back up a bunch of files and reformat this thing.

It'll take hours, and I'll probably do it over a couple weeks while I'm finishing the Republic Commando walkthrough. (I've already recorded all of the rest of the Batman walkthrough, but it's a lot of video to edit, render, and upload.) Then I'll have a nice clean hard drive for the end of the year LAN party.

I just feel grumpy lately. Part of it's that I know I should play less and I take it out on the games. But part of it's that I'm just too old for all the little disappointments that come with most games. Their shortcomings are so obvious there's no way QA missed them. They fail to learn from previous titles. Some overreach. Some play it safe. So many developers aren't competent to develop for PC anymore (or farm the PC versions of their games out to incompetents). Nothing's worth playing until the patch comes out.

"The good Lord lets us grow old for a reason: to gain the wisdom to find fault with everything He's made." - Abe 'Grandpa' Simpson

"Dad, I love you...but you're a weird, sore-headed old crank, and nobody likes you." - Homer Simpson

A little from column A and a little from column B.

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