06 December, 2009

Game Journal: Knights of the Old Republic

written by Blain Newport on Friday, December 4, 2009

Star Wars


There's a little free association for you. KotOR both gains and loses by being linked to Star Wars.

Lightsabers are cool. The rules of the universe are common knowledge. There are a lot of races and cultures and planets to draw on for the setting.

But Jedi are so lame now. All they ever do is form stuffy councils and die en masse to the villain of the week. And there's almost a fatalism in the Jedi outlook that seems to guarantee they'll never be effective protectors of the galaxy.

Caring enough to fight for something means you're breaking the code.

When I was a kid, learning the ways of the force was about becoming a hero. Now it's a path to enlightened nihilism.

It's changed enough that I often find myself having no gut reaction to some of the dialog options in the game. I want to do it like Luke would. Learn to plan. Save my friends. Kick ass. But maybe they want me to do it like Obi-Wan would. Stay objective. Protect order. Fight like nothing's at stake. Lie to people and call it "a certain point of view".

I should stop second guessing and just do it my way.

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