17 August, 2009

Game Journal: Fallout 3

written by Blain Newport on Monday, August 17, 2009


Aside: If you're reading this in an RSS feed, it's worth mentioning that I've been posting on time. Blogger is bugging.

You may or may not remember the giant satellite dishes from when I was exploring the northwest. Well, I decided it was time to investigate them further. One was full of Talon Company, which was handy, as their rocket sniper took out a wandering deathclaw.

I'd hit level 20 already, so fighting enemies myself was only a waste of ammo and gun durability at this point.

Inside the satellite dish, I found a ghoul scientist who was tasked with helping Talon Company take control of an orbiting nuke platform. I decided that was just the kind of toy TC shouldn't have and activated it prematurely. According to the computer logs, the missiles would come down right on top of the dish, which would be awesome. Too bad it wasn't true.

Here I am running away from the satellite building, directly into the inbound nukes.

Luckily they were weaksauce and didn't do much besides wiggle the camera and leave a few mildly radioactive patches for me to skirt around.

Moving on up the road, vaguely in the direction of the remaining satellite dishes, I came across Fort Constantine. Underneath the CO's quarters I found a bunker.

Certain doors in Fallout 3 require keys, no matter how high your lock picking is. Usually this is because they're important to a quest and opening them early would wreck it. Looking back, I'm less interested in what's behind the door and more interested in the fact that the roof is completely covered with hanging nails. Bizarre.

Next to Fort Constantine was a nuke storage building.

There was a radio playing somewhere, indicating rooms I didn't find. But the place was highly radioactive and had a nasty sentry robot I didn't want to fight for fear of setting off all the bombs, so I didn't stick around too long. Who knows. Maybe pulse grenades would have been safe to use (and even rendered some of the bombs inoperative), but finding out the hard way was not in my plan.

I moved on to the remaining satellite dishes.

Next Time: Raider Homes and Gardens

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