10 January, 2009

Indie Impressions: Night of the Cephalopods

Night of the Cephalopods looks like a cute SNES style horror game. But it's really more of listening to a guy tell a story. Every time you do something (even stand still) there's some piece of color commentary for the narrator to make. As a proof of concept, it's interesting. As a game, there's not really a game there. Everything moves really slowly, presumably so the dialog can aspire to Lovecraftian wordiness. It's also really easy, which undercuts the tension. But it's not done yet and shows potential to be something special.

As you can see, I'm doing the indie games as a trickle instead of a torrent. :) It's nice having content in the blog bank, and it gives each game it's own space. Considering how much work goes into each of them (and how mean I am to them), it's only fair.

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