09 January, 2009

Game Journal: Persona 4


I'm still plowing through P4. I've managed to get my abilities together so that I can dungeon crawl indefinitely. I'm collecting all the Personas. I'm getting all the rare items that a guy in town will turn into better gear. I'm getting the money to buy said gear and summon specific personas for fusions (which is how I prefer to make new personas so I can give them certain skills).

I'm thorough. I have a system. It's working. So why can't I have Wayne do it? He likes applying boring formulas. I don't. I like deriving them, proving they work; then doing something else.

Plus the game harshly penalizes for small mistakes. I forgot to register some personas I'd leveled up before fusing, basically destroying hours of work in an instant. It's like usability and the mass market completely passed Japanese game designers by.

I suppose some people enjoy that frontier feeling, the opportunity to fail. I'm not saying that's right or wrong. I'm just asking if the saving and registering part of the game the place where this opportunity should lie? Shouldn't it be in an activity that's actually fun? Ah well. This is probably why I don't play RPGs.

At least I can break it up with some indie games. And it'll end eventually.

It has to.

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