21 July, 2013

Steam Summer Sale Is Basically Over and Inversion

written by Blain Newport on Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer Sale Encore

On the last day of a Steam sale they put all the most popular items on sale again for people who missed them initially.  As I write this there's about ten hours left.  But I've gotten everything I wanted, so I'm just looking at some of the best deals approvingly.  "People who buy that game at that price and have roughly the same experience I did will be very pleased with their purchase.  What a wonderful thing a Steam sale is.  Good show, consumerism."

Inversion (3 of 5)

That's me standing on the side of a building, looking up at enemies on three different planes.  There's a blue energy field there that I think lets the player jump from this building to the upper one.  And there's a broken building floating in the sky.  At its best, Inversion is a flippy trippy take on Gears of War, with all sort of disorienting running on walls and ceilings and occasionally soaring through zero gravity zones.  Unfortunately most of the game doesn't do much with these mechanics behaving like just another shooter.  Also it crashed to desktop more than a few times.  Still, there's a germ of a much more interesting game in here.

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