26 August, 2012

Alan Wake

written by Blain Newport on Sunday, 26 August, 2012

I finished Binary Domain. For the most part, last week's opinion stands. It's a big dumb action game with some gimmicks that kinda sorta work.

I ended up resenting the trust system because getting the best ending would have meant so much pointless praising and gaming the system that it would have detracted from the experience. And the ending made no sense. But it was a fun ride for $10.

Alan Wake

You are looking at the major strong point of Alan Wake. It has very nice environments and a quaint mountain town with some likeable characters.

Unfortunately you see less and less of them as the game goes on, and the "serious" parts of Alan Wake aren't nearly as interesting. The combat is mediocre, suffering from little variety, a flaky feeling dodge mechanic, camera issues, and unavoidable deaths due to chaining stuns. The plot obviously isn't going anywhere and is just a pretext for scares and psychobabble, neither of which add up to much.

Still, it was a good PC port, and I enjoyed the production values, the atmosphere, and the short time spent with AI companions. I should probably just watch Twin Peaks.

Northern California Pre-PAX meetup

I was too slow to get passes for PAX this year (The three day passes sold out in six hours.), but I still got to visit with the Nor Cal folks who'll be headed up there next weekend. It was good times, and I was assured they'd have some extra fun on my behalf. :)

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