30 January, 2011

Game Journal: Mass Effect 2

written by Blain Newport on Sunday, 30 January, 2011


You may remember Sweet Shephard from my Mass Effect 1 game journal. While customizing her armor for Mass Effect 2, I realized that the origin I'd chosen for her (Earth born, war hero, engineer) meant she was basically Miles O'Brien from Star Trek. So I decided to deck her out in engineering colors.

And then I realized that she looked like a black Samus Aran (the protagonist from the Metroid games). I liked it. She had a lot of good sci-fi history behind her.

She did not, however, have good lighting. I wonder if any of the testers played black characters?

My renegade character based on Firefly's Jayne Cobb also made his way through Mass Effect 2. The actor who plays Jayne (Adam Baldwin) voices a minor character in Mass Effect 2. I had Jayne Shephard risk the minor character's life as two Jayne's in the universe was definitely too many. But he survived, and the universe hasn't imploded, yet.

The character in the background is supposed to be this disturbingly cavalier mercenary. He and Jayne got along great.

And finally I made a third run through with a goth Asian woman (who I named after a nice Asian girl I went to elementary school with. Don't ask me why). After being pushed down the Paragon and Renegade path by game systems that gate important choices behind you having enough "good / bad points", I wanted to have one playthrough with a character who didn't care about being effective. She chose whatever she felt like. She ignored loyalty quests. And she hated everyone. When her final mission was over...

two thirds of her team were dead. It was liberating. I'll be curious if her horrible choices will actually make her life harder in Mass Effect 3.

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