09 August, 2010

I Sleepy

written by Blain Newport on Monday, 9 August, 2010

Being tired is like being drunk. And sometimes I need to be tired enough to forget my inhibitions and write a blog post. When I'm sober, I feel responsible to my Let's Play audience. Plus I'm painfully aware that there's a huge backlog of stuff I should have written about months ago. I still have plenty of pictures (and even some video) of Big Baby from my month in Champions Online. I played through Ninja Gaiden Black and I don't think I even told you. I probably could have reviewed half a dozen other games I've played, but it just didn't seem worthwhile. Nothing about them excited me.

*goes off to rummage through picture directory*

Oh geez. I've still got Mass Effect 2 pictures in there! And there's Tropico 3. More recently there's a bit of Cryostasis and Minecraft.

Ew. Two Rayman Raving Rabbids pictures. That's an experience better off forgotten. :P

The other part of it is that as much as my experiences working disabused me of the idea that work is noble, I should be doing some. So there's always a bit of guilt involved.


Let's get writing.

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