21 June, 2010

E3: Final Tidbits

written by Blain Newport on Monday, 17 June, 2010

Both motion control solutions showed potentially deal breaking tech issues. Kinect had an issue with seated players and Move needed frequent, lengthy recalibration. Hopefully these are easy fixes, but I'll be paying close attention to updates on those issues.

Rage - G4 had a live demo of Rage (which they called a Hands-On for no apparent reason). The visuals are very nice. From the demo I saw, the gameplay seemed a little... less than demanding. I don't quite know how to say it... No wait. I think I got it.

I was playing DooM again recently, and DooM still makes me work for it. Rage didn't seem to be challenging on the reflexes and didn't put the player on the defensive much. All the enemies were the same so there wasn't any target prioritizing either. I'll still pick it up for the visuals and because shooting stuff is fun, but the combat looks shallow.

None of the other games I was interested in gave much of a showing, positive or negative. There were so few hand-on demos, I'm wondering if the show floor at PAX is going to be mostly video loops this year. :(

Maybe I'm too jaded to notice, but I didn't see John Davison's embarrassing exploitation games. I'll be curious to see if he shows up on the next Weekend Confirmed to explain what he was referring to. I wonder if he saw the same games we saw but got a different impression of them because it was a judges' event, and the PR people overdid it. The only game I saw that was so X-treme as to be an embarrassment was Bulletstorm. And if the industry can handle Bayonetta, it can handle Bulletstorm.

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