23 January, 2010

Keepalive: The Witcher, Torchlight, Talkthrough Musings

written by Blain Newport on Saturday, January 23, 2010

I took a couple pictures to make up for not having any in the last keepalive.

There are some pretty vistas in The Witcher. The water moves well, too.

There are a number of escort missions in the game. In the first one, it was easy for my companion to die. In most subsequent ones it's been impossible for them to die. I don't understand why the earliest mission was the hardest.

Here is Torchlight's obligatory lava level. Actually, there are multiple lava levels as the game follows a "boss every five floors" structure. I'm usually tired of the new look before the end of level two. :P

I blame the twisty nature of the levels. I find navigating them tedious. I remember watching a dev use a cheat code to move at super speed during the PAX demo, so it's possible even the devs feel this way.

Also, I'm still not enthused about the loot. I'm thinking Borderlands did a better job with it. Every so often I'd find a somewhat overpowered weapon that would let me blaze through baddies for a time. Torchlight is always a chore, and I look at new weapons like a plumber looks at a plunger. No matter how nice a plunger it is, it doesn't make the job fun. Perhaps I should have played on Normal instead of Hard.

I spent the day putting together a Gunman Chronicles music video to tide my YouTube subscribers over while I take a week off. The video will premiere Mon. January 25 on YouTube and the blog post will hit on Fri. January 29.

This makes it an introduction to the Gunman Chronicles Talkthrough on the blog and a post release treat on YouTube. This time distortion is getting increasingly untenable. When I want to write a new blog post I have to sift through two months of talkthrough entries to figure out what day my next normal post should be. I need a new system.

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