27 January, 2010

Keepalive: Mr. Kitty's Quest, , Nations @ War, The Witcher

written by Blain Newport on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just in case there's anyone who reads this that I haven't told already, Psychonauts is currently $2 on Steam. The action isn't the best, but the humor and setting are something special, and that price is not to be missed. Heck, it's still a deal at $10, but at $2 it's practically free awesome.

GameSetWatch does a weekly best of indie games feature. The game pictured above is Mr. Kitty's Quest. It's very simple. Just run around and shoot everything. Fight a couple bosses. Get a new ability to open the way to the next area. It was a pleasing diversion.

Since Co-op Tuesday moved to Thursday, I'm now up for Online Tuesdays with the LAN party folks. Mostly they play Counter-Strike, so meh. But every third or fourth week they play Nations @ War, a mod that makes Battlefield 2 fun. Of course, even with the game improvements, I always seem to find ways to make my own fun.

Our team was winning easily, so I decided to relax by taking a dip in the hotel pool. One of Matthew's kids decided to join me and show off by diving off a plank on top of the hotel. Over the course of the evening stuff blew up everywhere. I pulled off some quality commandering, anticipating the enemy's moves and my team's needs. But the thing I'll probably remember is how proud a child was to show off.

I haven't forgotten The Witcher. I'm still playing it and enjoying the simple, but visually exciting combat.

But it's not a short game. I even started ignoring side quests, which had some unintended consequences. Also, I think I've made at least one major plot decision incorrectly. What kind of a bizarro world is gaming where I'm breathlessly looking forward to suffering consequences?

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