29 January, 2010

Game Journal: Gunman Chronicles

written by Blain Newport on Friday, January 22, 2010


Gunman Chronicles 26 - Bonus Song Parody

Technically this contains a few spoilers. Meh.

(to the (custom chip) tune of the MST3K Theme Song)

In the not too distant future
Next Monday A.D.
There lived a guy named Archer
Not too different from you or me

He worked at the Gunman High Command
Just another clone on the G.I. plan
He did a good job fighting jerks in space
But he left behind the General who
Took it out on the human race

He left me in the turkey
Back on Banzure Prime (La-la-la)
So I'm gonna kill all the folks I can
With every monster I can find (La-la-la)

Now keep in mind Archer can't control
Where the fighting begins or ends (La-la-la)
But he'll get through this thing somehow
With the help of his special friends

Gunman Roll Call
Gunmen (die quick)
The Mainframe (Hi Girl)
The Tank (always needs gas)

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
And other science facts (La-la-la)
Then repeat to yourself "It's just a game
I should really just relax." for the
Gunman Chronicles Video Talkthrough

Video Tools: Fraps, Windows Movie Maker
Audio Tools: ModPlug, Audacity

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