19 October, 2009

Game Journal: Saint's Row 2

written by Blain Newport on Sunday, October 18, 2009

I finally decided to hit up the quests and finish Saints Row 2. I've had a lot of fun with it, and with co-op, I suspect I'll have a lot more fun. (I made a guest appearance on Adus' Let's Play even. I think I'll be in set ten and maybe one more set down the line.)

But as much fun as all of that was, one event will always stand out as the most amazing, the most frightening; the most ludicrous.

I speak... of the Pimpocalypse.

Pimps are naturally occurring in SR2. When you've taken over another gang's turf, pimps will occasionally spawn so you have someone to fight, if you so choose. But for some reason (a bug probably), in one intersection, on one night, just after a heavy rain, the pimps would not stop coming.

Pimps do not use guns by default, so I had my men switch to hand to hand. It was a proper brawl. We fought well. But eventually the tide began to overwhelm us.

I ran. To buy my men space to retreat I opened fire with my assault rifle. Fortunately the Pimpocalypse was a localized phenomenon, enabling us to flee with our lives.

I attempted to return to the scene and recreate the event to no avail (perhaps because it was daytime). But no matter what else happens in Saint's Row 2, I will always hold the Pimpocalypse as a treasured and somewhat unnerving event.

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