10 September, 2009

PAX 2009: Random List of Cool People

written by Blain Newport on Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First off, here are a bunch of people I met on the Magical Mystery Tour (an unofficial pre-PAX tour of Seattle).

(And since you bothered to even begin to read this post, I recommend the Experience Music Project / Sci-Fi Museum highly. It was the best thing we saw by far.)

Cut off on the left side was Muttonhead. He was nice and was also a buttoneer. A lot of us meet new people through trading buttons. His button was from a game I hadn't played (but had heard of), Popful Mail.

Also not pictured are Poison and her new husband. They honeymooned at PAX.

Also not pictured are Apocaknits and John, a nice couple from Columbus OH.

Also not pictured is Emorimiko (Emo for short). I had listened to the Idle Thumbs podcast make fun of the "Time Bullets" explanation for Captain America not being dead and thought it was funny. He said the story was actually well written. But I was having more fun making fun of it! Poo.

Then there's Shiggles, sporting his Harry Potter scarf for the pub crawl.

I should know the next guy, but I forgot. He has great "Jewbeard". No wait! He's DM Magic! I love the idea of DM being an honorific like MC. :)

BlackDragon480 I never spent much time with, but trying to remember the number at the end of his name made it stick a little better.

"Derek?" had been to Iraq once and was probably going again. He talked a bit about how it's a crappy place to be and how the army lies to reporters. I think he said they told some reporters that guns being fired for a local wedding ceremony was an enemy attack. :P

Arno was one of the many people who had come too damn far (Aussies and Kiwis). I think he was an Aussie.

Ashridah was also an Aussie who had moved to Seattle a couple years back and now works on SQL Server.

Metaverse Nomad (along with the not pictured Eye-Shuh) organized the MMT.

Pinder allegedly has a mom who's "got it going on". He wore a pink bathrobe for much of the convention and was generally silly.

Tehnakki was a bundle of energy and seemed very sweet.

Frightfully English lived up to his name and was good to chat with.

I should remember the name of the guy between him and Anthony, but don't.

I should also remember Anthony by his forum handle but don't. I know his name because he friended me on Facebook.

Way in the back is PikaPuff. He's a nice guy but often keeps to himself.

Gary is also a nice guy and tolerated me making a Fallout 3 reference to his name that you don't get yet because I haven't gotten that far in my Fallout 3 journal. :)

Gilles (pronounced zhill. It's French.) was one of the many nice Canadians at the convention. The border is only two hours away (traffic permitting).

I'd remember the green haired guy's forum handle if you said it too me, but unaided, I'm drawing a blank.

I should remember "Dan?". He did well in Metaverse Nomad's trivia contest. Three of us ("Dan?", me, and Emorimiku) tied for second, so we had to do rock, paper, scissors, which he won. I think he was traveling with a woman named Melissa who was very nice.

Damian and DragonDevon weren't on the MMT, but were present to witness the arrival of the Cross Country SuperTrip (CCST). We chatted for a while and hung out in the convention center to kill some time before the pre-PAX dinner.

Pre-PAX dinner

The dinner was cool because I got to see Astayonix. She's been enjoying my video walkthroughs. (Yes, somebody does.)

Her husband Electric Turtle was also present and helpful when someone had a random question about the venue. (No naval stuff actually goes on there anymore.)

Astayonix and ET started the dinner. It remains to be seen who will organize anything for next year. I understand there was a successful post PAX dinner at The Taphouse, so maybe we'll do pre and post PAX there next year.

In line for food I met Shannon and Chad. I don't remember what we talked about, but it was very pleasant and I was very happy to run into them later at the show.

I was also next to Rob, a.k.a. Sum10Fishy from the forums. He was very nice, and we traded buttons. I had over 200 buttons to trade, so I was happy to do so. I may make less next year. I'd rather run out than bring home extras.

At the table I was sitting at were Rachel, "Greg?", Nick and Eric. And I went and visited with a lot of other people, most of whose names I will forget since I didn't have much to connect the name to.

At PAX I ran into Trevor, one of three guys from Manitoba who also happened to be on the Seattle Underground tour (also good) when the Magical Mystery Tour was there. He and his friends asked me to fill in the fourth slot for a Left 4 Dead tournament. They showed up late, so another group snagged me. I felt a little bad, but I think everything worked out okay.

One of the gals handing out shirts at Borderlands was cool. She said she was going to use some of her money from working the booth to buy the game (no free copies for working there). She actually watched me play for a while during my second visit to the game. I felt the love.

I saw Prof. Pangloss from the NorCal meetup. I also saw some of the Chico guys on two occasions. CaptainTapole was around. JonnyNero asked me to attend his live podcast taping after PAX (which I tried to find but failed).

I met a pseudo buttoneer named Sheri Danzig. She had a little zombie construction kit with a button for a head, which I was happy to trade two buttons for. Building it gave me something to do in line the next day.

I also met a guy who went by Bambooza who I'd seen in chat a few times. He and a couple other guys (one of which was an EverQuest 2 dev) were headed to a bar named Shorty's that I'd been meaning to check out. It's pretty cool. They've got some old arcade and pinball machines, and some of the tables are made out of old pinball machines. It was cool, and Bambooza was friendly.

Also, Liger was around, but I kept getting her confused with this other gal, refrag. It was awkward. It especially sucks because Liger doesn't much care for me and I may have given refrag the impression that I'm not fond of her on accident. I went to refrag's blog to try and fix that. She was nice about it. I'll make sure to spend some time with her next year.

There were also some people around the hostel I talked to a couple times.

Dan wants to be a game dev. He also has some ideas for sequels to Star Trek DS9 that are highly unusual. Nog as a combat monster is pretty strange. He's got a lot of enthusiasm. Hopefully it will take him far.

Kyle was another aspiring developer who gave me his card. It seems like a lot of people are making 2D engines these days, and he is one of them. We ran into each other a lot during PAX, in passing.

And that's as much as I can remember tonight. I'll probably remember less and less as time goes on. Some PAX friendships outlive the lines or events that spawn them, and some don't. Some people make it back to PAX and some don't.

I intend to make it back. PAX rules.

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