17 September, 2009

Keepalive: Champions Online

written by Blain Newport on Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm still dinking around with the character creator. I'm assuming they'll be turning it off soon (whenever the contest ends), so I'm getting in the stupid while I can.

Uh. Yeah. Like I said, I like tech. I should stick with capes and cloaks. But even as I know intellectually that this is laughable, I still like it. It's loosely based on a character I had in the Champions pen and paper RPG called Blue Streak. He was a speedster who shot beams.

Unfortunately the name is banned in Champions Online, so he couldn't exist there. I mean sure, there's a phrase "curse a blue streak", but that's so obscure nobody would make that connection. Plus "The Streak", the name of a Ray Stevens song about running through public places naked, is perfectly acceptable. I tested a few, much more obviously lewd, names which also worked. I'll spare you a full accounting. :)

[time passes]

Ah. Apparently Blue Streak was the name of some obscure super hero. They're just paranoid about getting sued by comics people. Profanity is just fine. :P

I named this guy Leatherneck, with the idea that I'd give him a "military accident" background.

Look at that guy.

He is so generic.

But I can't stop looking at him.

Why do I find him so awesome?

He's like, majestic or something.

And this is the first of a pair of characters I made.

It was partly just an experiment to see if I could make matching male / female characters. It failed a little. I'd originally had them with a weird techno face plate, but the female didn't support it. I kinda like the glowing eyes, but it was still weird not to be able to make what I wanted. It seemed arbitrary.

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