13 September, 2009

Keepalive: Champions Online

written by Blain Newport on Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm not much of an MMO guy, and I missed the open beta for Champions Online, but thanks to a contest they're running, I got my hands on the best part of the game...

the character creator.

Here's me as a vaguely magic / vaguely techno guy. I was trying for pure magic, but tech stuff always slips in.

I decided to go for the skirt as it was more magic-y. It also helped hide my bony legs. I also used heavy patterning, shoulder plates, large arm guards, a huge belt, and the darkness provided by the cape to add some implied bulk. I'm not sure if there are more tricks to add bulk (short of fake muscles), even among fashion professionals.

In real life, I'm even too lanky to be Spider-Man. Don't believe me? Scroll down!

Yikes. That's the exact same proportions, just exposed by poor costuming choices. And speaking of yikes...

This is Sunburn. I made her in the old City of Heroes character builder (by the same company). This character is basically visual griefing. At first the skin color being the same color as the tights (or as close as I could get) is supposed to draw the eye of perverts. "Oh look! She's naked!" Then they put the name and her glowing red color together and are shocked into a coma by the realization of how painful a sunburn of that magnitude would be. The more you try to imagine she's naked, the worse it hurts.

But it's all fun and games until someone tries to create a very specific character, in my case Bayonetta.

Man that's weaksauce. The glasses are very wrong. The hair should be tied up in ribbons. There should be buckles and straps and a cascade of hair coming off her arms, not fish fins. Oy. That one still hurts. There should be gold chains on the costume. There should be guns on her boots. Her sleeves should end in white cloth, not black all the way down. And that's supposed to be a medallion in the middle of a strategically placed hole in the middle of her top. And I almost forgot, I couldn't make her outfit appropriately backless.

Not only does she not look like Bayonetta, if it wasn't for the beehive, she'd probably be almost indistinguishable from a hundred other leather ladies on any given server. :P

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