29 September, 2009

Game Journal: Saint's Row 2 (photo heavy)

written by Blain Newport on Monday, September 28, 2009

On Friday / Saturday I played an epic co-op game with RonaldoTheGypsy. Here he is in his fancy suit. (I think it's shark skin.)

Naturally, the first thing he wanted to do after getting dressed up was run over stuff in a monster truck.

When we invariably decided to mess with the police it usually devolved into Ronaldo hiding on top of the hideout shooting everything while I ran around like a crazy person.

Eventually Ronaldo got bored and brought in a helicopter which made for good movie posters.

When things got too crazy I would run and hide in the "safety bin". As long as I stayed crouched, bad guys couldn't shoot me and even nearby exploding vehicles wouldn't do much damage.

Please give to help the victims of procedural arm disease.

Ronaldo changed outfits.

He had fury.

So I hid in the safety bin.

Until I figured out how to channel his aggression.

He had some unique fighting moves.

And I love how even my hardened character can't watch the finisher.

Then he changed back into street clothes and flew me around in a triplane. He's a really good pilot.

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