18 November, 2008

Keepalive: Left 4 Dead, GTA: San Andreas, Universe At War

Whew! I'm spent. Left 4 Dead released last night, and I've been through the game a few times. Co-op can be very taxing. Especially when certain people do not listen at all. But vallav had my back. It is so great to have someone you can depend on like that. Unlike the demo, where you'd only fight one tank in a map, there were many maps with two tanks, and some with three. If you get lucky, a tank gets stuck in the environment and dies. That is no fun. If you don't get lucky, a tank kills everyone. That is also no fun.

Actually, it's not always no fun. One time we were fighting on a building rooftop, with lots of levels. The tank smacked me. I went flying. I figured I was toast. But I managed to land on a twenty foot tall air conditioning unit on a lower level of the roof. Then a hunter (one of the other boss zombies) pounced on me and started tearing me up. I figured everyone else was too far away from me to help, so I was dead. As he was killing me, I could see that the tank was still intent on killing me and ripping up a huge piece of concrete to throw at me. That's going out in style friends.

Except, it didn't happen. That giant chunk of concrete killed the hunter, saving my life. Crazy.

So it released. It was a big event. I'm sick of it. I'll probably be back tomorrow. :)

I also played a bit more San Andreas. I got through the crazy desert missions and am now in Las Vegas. There's a big casino caper and the final, completely crazy mission to still do. I'm looking forward to it.

I also played through the first couple campaigns of Universe at War (an RTS by former Westwood people). I would have played through the third, but it sucked. It was the same fight over and over again. And even on easy, it was a pain. I'll just move on to Supreme Commander on GameTap. I'll probably also play SC on easy. I don't really enjoy most single player RTS campaigns. If it's anything like Total Annihilation, though, it will be glorious to watch.

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