03 November, 2008

Keepalive: Jericho, Heart of Evil

So I've uploaded four of Jericho's five chapters (or acts or sections). I don't think I'm going to upload chapter five. It's mostly boss fights, and they're the type of boss fights that are only interesting the first time because once you know the trick, the execution is pretty straightforward.

The main thing the recording process has taught me is that it takes too long to upload these things on my connection. Only very special games will get that treatment, going forward.

Also, recording a game as a movie does introduce pacing problems. If you're playing, the game is hopefully keeping you engaged, thinking and decompressing, during travel time. But when it's just a video of someone else playing, there's no engagement.

I've toyed with the idea of editing out dull bits. But usually any given dull bit is me getting slightly lost then getting back on track, and the loss of continuity doesn't seem worth the seven seconds saved. But that was Jericho, which is super linear. Heart of Evil actually has levels I've gotten lost in for five minutes or more.

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