13 May, 2006

Pimpin' Majesty and NPCs (JO)

I'm not really a System of a Down fan, but "Pimpin' Majesty" is a great phrase. :)

It's also an apt description of the feeling you get when you fly by a giant enemy transport chopper and turn it into dozens of beautiful pieces of debris.

The way that it instantly turns from giant engine of menace into twirly bits of flittering confetti can only be described as magical.

I think this was a custom user created map where NPCs had been added. It was slightly bizarre to see normal people just standing around in this environment.

Or rather lying around. I didn't kill these people. Mike and I were so taken with the novelty of the novelty of the situation that we just wanted to see what we could do with them.

Here's Mike driving one around on a six wheeler.

She eventually fell off. The fact that the NPCs actually have a slow dog paddling animation was disturbing.

Here's Mike, posing with our new friend. :P

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