13 May, 2006

More Of The Backlog (JO)

Let it never be said that we haven't been willing to learn new methods of assclownery from other players.

Here's a brilliant fellow named Boehsar Orkel. He is standing on the gun pod of an attack helicopter. Since there's only one passenger seat in an attack chopper, being able to ride the gun pods effectively doubles the capacity of the vehicle.

Of course, it's always more fun if you're properly equipped with a grenade launcher.

Here's Mike, back clearly broken, waving his knife skyward and cursing the cruel fate that made him. Screaming at the sky while waving your knife or shooting your gun is very liberating. Just don't try throwing grenades at the sky.

It's also very liberating to drive up to big strong tank on a pissant little motorbike...

and watch it go poof. Mmmmm. Poof.

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