16 September, 2005

For Science! (JO)

Hi Mike! Here's more stuff blowing up.

I was playing on an interesting server the other night. Friendly fire was on, and there were no bullet traces, so you had to use your ears (or the killcam postumously) to figure out where enemy fire was coming from. So when I saw a sniper setting up shop outside our main base, I had to land and introduce him to Mr. Knifey. Imagine my surprise when I turned around and realized where I had landed my chopper. :D

Ever the scientist, I decided to get in his chopper and take off.

As you can see, the chopper on the blade fell off. It subsequently exploded. The interests of science were served.

Here I am driving around in a rigged jeep. It's better when you have a partner to do the mad bombing, but whatcha gonna do?

Research in lightweight materials for APC construction must be progressing nicely. He got at least four feet of air.

Here I am as the top scorer on the winning team. But I was a medic and didn't blow too much stuff up, so I don't really even know why I included this photo. :

For another change of pace, here I am running over a guy with a nice powerslide maneuver. There were a couple really good tank hit and runs yesterday, but I failed to capture them on film. Luckily, that gives me a reason to blow more stuff up. For science!

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