13 September, 2005

For Mike (JO)

In honor of Mike's trip across the sea. I attempted to blow some stuff up.

This one was a heartbreaker. Here I am planting my satchel in a chopper.

Here I am flying it to the objective.

And here I am shot in the head. I was amazed I even landed in the middle of the compound. Another second, and I would have gotten at least three kills. I may have to reconfigure my controls to make the clicker easier to get to. Who really ever bothers to lean left and right anyway?

Here I am in the middle of an enemy villiage. I've jumped out of my jeep and am preparing to blow it up.

The enemy jeep pushed my jeep back to the bridge, which rendered me perfectly safe when I blew the satchel.

In the midst of all the shooting and chaos, I somehow managed to commandeer another jeep and head for the enemy base. My heart was pounding. Visions of satchel mayhem danced in my head.

Then, in traditional Joint Ops style, my jeep glitched on a tree and somebody shot me. But this last attempt made it all worthwhile.

While driving across the bridge, I ran into an enemy jeep. I jumped out onto the hood of my jeep. I can only wonder what the enemy was thinking as his jeep, my jeep, and me were all pushed along the bridge.

Whatever it was, he didn't have long to think it. w00t!

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