23 August, 2005

Once In A Blue Moon (JO)

I know this picture doesn't look like much, but trust me, it comemorates a peak experience. Mike wasn't even on headphones to hear me screaming about how cool it was.

First, let's set the stage.

We're playing an attack and secure game on the Kendari Airport map. Mike and I like the map for its go carts, but we were in a more serious mood that day. There was a storm coming. We had taken Objective Foxtrot (a bunker on top of a hill overlooking the airport) the team was trying to get down into the buildings around the final objective, Objective Golf. They were taking the objective with five of our team to three of the enemy. Suddenly the enemy somehow had eight soldiers on Foxtrot. Unless a miracle happened, we were going to lose Foxtrot and Golf. I was that miracle.

While friendly choppers distracted the enemy soldiers, I chugged it across the tarmac to the hill. It was eight against one. I figured the best way to at least take some of them with me was a grenade. From down the hill I threw all three of my grenades. The first bounced off the window. I could see an enemy on the ground outside that would probably get caught in the blast. The second also bounced, I couldn't see where it went. The first went off, killing an enemy. The third sailed through the window as the second went off, killing an enemy I hadn't even seen. Joint Ops only displays three lines of obituaries at a time unless you have the leisure time to check the message screen, so I can only say that at least three were killed by it. Regardless, it was now two against one.

I heard gunfire coming from the roof. On pure instinct, I grabbed my knife and hauled myself up the outside ladder. Sure enough, an enemy soldier was taking cover behind an air conditioner, firing away at one of our choppers. As I backstabbed him I was rattled by the sound of a fifty calibre machinegun opening up less than twenty feet away. I wheeled around, whipping up my rifle to see an enemy manning a jeep turret and thanked my lucky stars he was firing at a chopper as I put two through his head. I leapt down off the roof, expecting enemy reinforcements or a sniper to attack at any second. But all was quiet. Stunned at the suddeness of it all, I looked up at my heads up display. One friendly (me). Zero enemies. With the help of a great distraction, I had completely wiped out the enemy force. That's the kind of joy you just don't get every day.

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