18 August, 2005

Introduction (JO)

I'm Blain. I like games. Scratch that. I love games. Scratch that. I am games. Games == Me evaluates to true. Okay, so I'm also a huge geek. But I'm an entertaining geek. I'm also rambling.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain myself and my fellow gamers by writing about games I've been playing. I'm also trying to develop games, but that's really dry reading, so I'm keeping that in a separate blog. So, let's get blogging.

My latest plays are a couple indie games and an old favorite.

Glace is an indie platformer. You could call it an action platformer, since you blow stuff up. But it's too cute to feel like an action game. It's so cute in fact, it actually got me a little misty at the end when Glace gets adopted. Awww. Glace is short, fun, and a small download. I took a quick peek at the changelog and saw that the developers have been making solid improvements to the gameplay as well. The only things keeping Glace from being great are slow pace and lack of significant power ups. All you ever get are more beads to throw. Yay. :\ Then if you added more levels and collectibles, you'd definitely be able to charge money for it. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Glace.

Endless Fire
Endless Fire is an old school shooter with abstract glowing vector graphics. It also spams with so many bullets that you spend all your time dodging and wishing everything wasn't so glowy so that you could actually see. While it looks impressive, I got bored / frustrated after fifteen minutes. If you like dodging glowing vector bullets, check out Endless Fire. I think one of my main problems is that you have to pump roughly three dozen bullets into any opponent to make them go down. And your ship is a little bullet hose. It's just spamming and gives me no satisfaction.

Silver Wings
Apparently based on a Quake engine modification, Silver Wings is also a vertical shooter. Silver Wings, however, totally sucks. It's slow. Trying to blow stuff up usually just gets you hit, so there's no good reward structure. Even the pretty graphics are not enough to get me to include a link.

Okay, that's it for the indie games. Now back to my longest lived VG love since Devil May Cry. Yes, I'm talking about Joint Operations. I love that game. I love it carnally. No game has consistently given me such moments of pure happiness. "But wait!", you say. "Joint Ops has cheesy graphics, kiddie vehicle controls, few people playing, gets laggy when there are 60 people on a server, has lots of goofy bugs, and totally isn't as good as Battlefield." You hit it on that second to last one. Joint Ops is the most hilarious game since Day Of The Tentacle, but not on purpose. Where else can you...

land a helicopter on the blade of another helicopter

fall half a mile into the sea

swim up to an amphibious personel carrier and throw a satchel charge on it

and blow it up

fill friendly helicopters with smoke grenades

roll around on the floor while waiting for helicopters to spawn

and play broken back knife fighting

Nowhere. That's where. And I haven't even talked about the sniper hunting, running over people with tiny amphibious jeeps, water knifing, boat invading, and abusing the voice chat. And those are just the things we did last night. Joint Ops is, without a doubt, the most assclown intensive gaming experience of all time.

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