22 August, 2005


So I'm a Dirty, Stinking, Good For Nothing Liar. Here are some more Joint Ops pics. Mike and I are trying to work out an hour in the day we can both set aside for Joint Ops. We both have irregular sleep schedules, so this is probably a Good Idea. In the meantime...

It really amazes me how effective sniping is, but it also amazes me how bad some people are at it. Here's what you do.

Phase one - Go prone. Your shots aren't accurate beyond a couple hundred meters if you don't.

Phase two - Use your binoculars to get set your rifle's scope elevation.

Phase three - Kill.

The kill I got after this was instructive, as well. A raft not too far from the boat started returning fire. Here is me killing him.

The moral of the story? Don't neglect steps one and two! This guy saw me fire on the boat and had me dead to rights. He fired three shots to my one. But because I was prone and used my binoculars, his three missed and my one killed. (And in case your thinking he had the disadvantage of being on a bobbing raft at sea, don't. This is Joint Ops. Unmoving vehicles at sea remain perfectly still.)

Phase four - Move. If you think you've given away your position, or know that there are tenacious sniper hunters about, don't wait for that enemy sniper bullet or knife to cut you down. Of course, if you set up in a position where moving exposes you to more fire than staying put, just lie in the bed you've made and take a few of them with you. Don't forget to set a couple claymores, as well. There are few things in life more satisfying than watching your enemy slip on a shrapnel banana peel.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Time for lesson two. Here I am assaulting an enemy base.

The first defender goes down with a couple three round bursts.

As I enter the bunker, another eats my blade.

As those nearby rush to the defense, they too taste cold steel.

As I lie in wait, the readout in the upper right says our team is winning six to one.

I continue to do the lords work.

An enemy sets a claymore outside, but doesn't live to tell about it. Unfortunately we're losing one to three at this point.

Eventually the inevitable catches up with me.

The moral of the story? You can be the knife god of all time, but if you don't help your team establish a perimeter, it will do you no good. When I recognized that we were winning six to one, I definitely should have taken up a position outside. I believe I was even carrying a rocket launcher which could have helped deal with the APCs that decimated my team.


I took a look at a couple more indie games, as well.

It's a classic 2D exploration adventure. But you can only visit space stations and talk to ships. One of the main things I loved about StarCon2 and Starflight was exploring planetary surfaces. I also loved that their interfaces were less confusing. I wanted to tractor in some asteroids for money. The documentation never mentioned that I had to have a target lock on the asteroid for the tractor beam to work. And then, after an hour of mineral gathering I accidentally ran into another space ship and instantly died, which in Flatspace means all your save games are deleted. I suppose I could hack the game like Uplink and backup my save files, but Flatspace isn't fun enough to bother.

Lebeth Strikes Back
A guy is trying to make games by taking feedback from the net. If this is the result, it will never go anywhere. The game basically consists of a fifty foot woman standing in the median strip of a highway, batting at trucks. If a truck gets by, she moves further up the highway, making it harder to judge attacks. If she hits the top of the screen, the game is over. Who cares?

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