29 August, 2005

Check It Out (JO)

If you like DooM and Duck Hunt, there you go. I recommend the single barrel shotgun as the best weapon in the early stages. I also recommend the cheat codes as the game is still duck hunt, and therefore, dull.

Mike and I are still having fun with Joint Ops. The funniest thing we've done recently doesn't photograph well, I'm afraid. We've been parachuting out of helicopters, flinging smoke grenades willy nilly, and causing trouble in the ensuing chaos. But that's not the funny part. The funny part is when we forget to reload our parachutes and fall to our deaths. :D That actually used to be a regular tactic in Joint Ops. We'd get rocket launchers, fall out of a chopper and waste an APC before going splat. The ultimate in kamikaze charges.

A lot of the stuff that's hilarious also happens too fast to be photographed. I'm sitting in an APC on the Kalatu Mines map, minding my own business, pasting the occasional motorcyclist that tries to zip into our base. Suddenly there's a helicopter hovering right in front of my face. This can't be happening. Nobody's that stupid. I huck a few fifty caliber rounds through the windshield, killing the driver. The helicopter lands with a clunk. I pause, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing. Okaaaaaay. What on the face of Joint Ops did that numbskull think he was doing? I don't know if it was the same pilot or not, but a few minutes later, as I'm just minding my own business again, an exploded helicopter carcass lands thirty feet away from my still parkerd APC. I'm just glad Wayne was looking over my shoulder to witness this weirdness.

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