19 July, 2016

Attention! Earth Defense Force 4.1 Is GO!

written by Blain Newport on Monday, 18 July 2016

I've only run through the first mission as all four classes and played the second mission online.  But so far everything works fine.  It even runs at 60 frames per second on my old GeForce 660, though we'll see how that holds up when things get crazy.  From what I can see on the steam forum, people seem pleased, except for people with AMD Phenom II processors who are experiencing some crash bugs.

There aren't as many options (no field of view control, no fancier types of anti-aliasing, etc.) as PC gamers might want.  The menus are clunky.  High resolutions don't do the art assets any favors.  But a real EDF game exists on the PC.  The world is a tiny bit better today than it was yesterday.  Thank you Sandlot.

The game is $35 for the first week, then goes up to the suicidally high price point of $50, so grab it now (or wait for the winter sale).

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