11 December, 2011


written by Blain Newport on Sunday, 11 December, 2011

Saints Row 2

After the disappointment that was Saints Row 3's story, I decided to go back through Saints Row 2.

Here's the character I made. He's a cheerful, portly fellow. But he takes no guff.

He does look a bit out of place leading the Saints.

But thanks to the Gentlemen of the Row mod, I was able to give him a gang of his peers as backup.

Killing Floor

Killing Floor held another holiday event. For a few weeks you can fight elves, reindeer, and gingerbread men instead of the usual zombies. I'm not sure which is creepier.

I also heard that the current nVidia drivers (the 280 series as of this writing) were lousy, so I went back to version 275.33. Bulletstorm works now. Oh PC gaming. :(

I also dumped some time into Terraria because they had a huge content patch. The new content was mostly cool, but the new ore types took too long to find, the new bosses were too difficult, and controlling the outbreaks of "corruption" and "hallow" never seemed practical or worthwhile.

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NordlysSørensen said...

Your Boss is the most original i've ever seen.
Is rare to find a middle aged boss. They are all young men or young women.