08 September, 2010

PAX 2010: Random List of Cool People

written by Blain Newport on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010

I'm thinking I'll avoid real names where possible, just to be safe. I have no pictures of my own, this year, so I'll be really safe. :P

Magical Mystery Tour

Orbdep and S.O. were back on the tour this year. They broke off on Thursday and took a boat tour which sounded so nice I wanted to try it for myself before I went home. (The weather never cleared, though.) Also, Orbdep had picked up the new Castle Ravenloft cooperative board game which we played on Thursday night. (We consisted of me, Orbdep, Kara, Brian, and WingedIllidan.) We beat the easiest scenario on the easiest difficulty and just barely escaped with all of our lives. I'm lead to understand that that's par for the course in Ravenloft.

I got to wander a toy and puzzle shop with Emorimiku, which was fun.

I spent some time walking with Mystral, who was nice. She took a video of Turbo the dog playing in the international fountain.

Pre-PAX Dinner

ArcticXC was head boy for Gryffindor and very friendly. (He was also very friendly the year before and quite possibly the year before that when I actually went on the pub crawl.)

xythen made cool Nuka Cola caps (the currency in Fallout) for the button trade. She also has a gentleness and smile that haunt me.

I got to talk Witcher choices with Carlos from Portugal, which was really cool. Also, Heleor snapped a picture of us talking.

Green Tortoise Hostel

Dan was back this year. He's apparently designing a game with Kyle. I think they might make a good team as Dan seems very energetic and Kyle is very grounded.

Paul was part of the same group, but his main claim to fame is probably playing backup for Jon St. John (the voice of Duke Nukem) singing Free Bird (along with Sid Meier's son and some other industry folks).

Also, while wandering around on Sunday, Paul and I bumped into each other and grabbed the first box that said 2 players in the board game freeplay area. It was called Ninja Versus Ninja and we had a good time playing it.

Out and About

I ran into Parabola on Monday. I accompanied him on a wander to find drinks he couldn't get in Canada. They don't have cherry Coke up there.


Blain Newport said...

I also got to chat with Rym from GeekNights after the Top Ten Games of All Time panel (a.k.a. Canon Fodder). I know it wouldn't last on that list at all, but I'd kind of like one of Dani Bunten's contributions to gaming (Mule or maybe Seven Cities of Gold) acknowledged. It turned out that was a timely reminder, as Mule was one of the games Rym wanted to discuss on the GeekNights Sunday panel but hadn't written down.

Blain Newport said...

Also, the gal who got up on stage and hugged the lead singer of Anamanaguchi stayed at my hostel. I helped her carry a bag to the car because her feet were bothering her, and she also hugged me. She gives the best hugs.