11 January, 2010

GTA4 Shenanigans

written by Blain Newport on Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chris' laptop wouldn't go for GTA4 multiplayer, but some of the PA folks on Steam organized a Friday night hootenanny. We started out just messing around, and had so much fun doing it that we never stopped to get organized.

At first it was just driving and shooting each other. I mostly drove by people who were fighting and dropped grenades out the window. But eventually we decided to hit up the airport and get some nicer rides.

There's something about the washed out visuals and flying through the city in attack choppers that reminded me strongly of The Matrix. But we were just grabbing them to get out to the GTA4 equivalent of Ellis Island, where we did the obvious thing.

running over people with forklifts

That's not obvious? Well, maybe not. But it is pretty hilarious. Those vertical bars are part of the forklift I'm driving. I always drive first person in GTA4. Third person is extra sloppy, and the game's driving is too sloppy already.

After we got bored with that, we decided to try some precision chopper maneuvering. Carefully coaching the pilot, I managed to secure this lovely vantage point.

They replaced the Statue of Liberty's torch with a cup of coffee. I assume that's supposed to be satire, saying the US has traded the light of liberty for overpriced creature comforts. Meh.

Eventually someone had the bright idea to go hit up a ramp where we could all try to jump from one island to another.

The bus didn't make it, but that wasn't really the point. How often do you get to jump off a ramp in a bus?

Some guys enjoyed standing on the ramp so that the oncoming car would hurl them into the water. It was fun to watch. In this particular case, a couple cars hit each other and slid over the ramp and low speed. How low?

I think the front tire is clipping through my character's ankle. It took a lot of restraint to stay still for that picture.

Speaking of restraint, many people had none and would stand on the ramp but try to shoot the driver out of any car attempting the jump. Spoilsports. But they gave me this amazing picture, so I can't complain too much.

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