12 November, 2009

Keepalive: Mercenaries 2, DnD

written by Blain Newport on Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'd write D&D in the heading, but Blogger can't handle it. Meh.

Co-op Tuesday was good. There was much blowing up of stuff. And we're at the point where they introduce more powerful weapons, so that can be fun to mess with. Chris made it his mission to grapple more enemy choppers.

Look at him go.

The horrible little button press sequences actually made for strange conversation as I'd be yelling what they were when I was trying to hijack something so Chris could succeed if I failed. It's weird to think that co-op made this annoyance feel worthwhile.

It's also weird to think that EA is making money off of us. The game still has advertising being served. To grapple to the helicopter you see, Chris had to climb up on a billboard for some History Channel World War II special. I found it pretty amusing, personally. Plus you can blow up the billboards.

We had a decent D&D session. I'm not really keen on the mechanics of the game anymore. It's a miniatures wargame and I can't help but feel it's an anachronism, regardless of how many mechanics it's pulled from World of Warcraft.

Also, there are strange omissions in the rule books. How many once per encounter powers does a wizard start with? The books say one, kind of. It has to be inferred from a chart. But the character creator software said two. And if a wizard has to choose what spell to prepare, it seems like wizards are less versatile than regular adventurers, who can choose whichever encounter power they want to use while the encounter is in progress. I'm just to old for this stuff. I don't care about the details.

It's still fun for now. We gloss over the rules we get wrong and get on with it. But I don't feel like the system is moving us towards fun. It's moving us towards keeping track of piles of little details that would be better handled by a computer program. Our game master has maybe 30 sessions under his belt. So D&D is still new to him. And there are a lot of WoW players in the group. So that mentality makes sense to them. But I'm going to have to try running something else when this campaign is winding down or needs a break.

I own so many RPGs I've never even played. But that's a subject for another time.

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