15 September, 2009

Game Journal: Fallout 3

written by Blain Newport on Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My it's been a long time, almost a month, since I wrote one of these. Let's just jump in and see where we land...

Ah yes. Old Olney. It's a city in the northeastern part of the map. I'd had it marked for some time, but had finally worked my way across the north of the map to get to it. It wasn't inhabited... exactly.

Do deathclaws count? 'Cause the place was lousy with them. But my trusty combat shotgun, improved stealth, and improved criticals kept me relatively safe. But morning was approaching, so I wasn't upset to find a vault to explore nearby.

It was full of mines and annoying flying bugs and Mirelurk Kings. Part of it was flooded, and according to notes I found, experiments with controlling people through sound had resulted in madness, violence, and death.


Been there. Done that. Bored now.

What was of interest was an artifact I found.

This seemed fairly important / valuable. So I looted it and returned to the surface, only to wander around and find a sewer entrance.

It turns out the deathclaws also dominate the sewers in Old Olney. I think in total I probably killed a dozen of them during this excursion. And they all dropped one deathclaw hand. I assumed they were useful for something and kept them. If nothing else, I guess they're trophies. :P

And here's a picture of me launching a mole rat skyward with a hand grenade. If my hazy recollection is correct, this mole rat killed a civilian and I wasn't fast enough to help. So I became an avenging a-hole. Apparently I also crippled a Rad Scorpion. My vengeance habit was definitely on overdrive that day.

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