04 July, 2009

Review: Stranglehold

written by Blain Newport on Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stranglehold (Midway, 2007) is a third person action game with plenty of fireworks. (See what I did there?) I played the demo a long time ago and was unimpressed. But when I saw it for $6 at Big Lots, I figured it would be worth it for some mediocre bang bang. I actually popped and ate popcorn while it was installing because that seemed the only appropriate way to prepare for playing "popcorn" entertainment.

While the game definitely is popcorn entertainment, best played on Casual difficulty, it is, in places, really amazing popcorn entertainment. The key is the destructability. They made a big deal of it when promoting the game, but outside of some watermelons and scripted stuff, it didn't factor in to the demo very much. But when I got to the shanty town, where much more of the environment was destructible, it was like a whole new world opened up.

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While no other section of the game lived up to the awesome of that one, it was still fun all the way through. It's worth mentioning that "all the way through" for this game (on Casual) was maybe five to six hours, but I didn't care. It was quality blowing stuff up, almost like Red Faction Junior.

4 of 5

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