23 July, 2009

Game Journal: Fallout 3

written by Blain Newport on Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The person has spoken. On to Science and Industry.

After concluding The Great Migration and settling down in Grayditch, I figured I should explore the are a bit more. Going south I went by a tricycle factory (yawn) but stopped dead at the following building.

Nuka-Cola is pretty valuable as it's healing to radiation content is very high. And the glow in the dark variety (Nuka-Cola Quantum) is a spiffy energy drink. This would be a good place to loot. Unfortunately it was infested with Mirelurks (crab men). And when a Mirelurk fills up on Quantum, it's bad times.

It's a bit hard to see, but their joints glow in the dark. And they are a pain. At first I thought they breathed fire, too. But I think I just fired my gun too close to a broken gas line. My bad. :P After killing the guard robots and Nukalurks I had a good supply of cola, which I dutifully squirreled away. It would come in handy.

After seeing how much loot the Nuka-Cola plant had turned up, I felt obliged to double back and check out the tricycle plant. Well, it was partly the allure of loot, and partly just to find out why the heck they'd put a tricycle plant in the game.

The main floor was full of feral ghouls, no big deal. Then I killed one and suddenly heard the distinctive chirp of a landmine preparing to detonate. I backpedaled furiously, then stopped. Nothing happened. This happened a couple more times before I caught on.

The ghoul's heads were exploding when they were killed. That made no sense. Feral ghouls can't know anything valuable, and they aren't smart enough to be controlled through fear. Who would bother with such a dangerous procedure?

Super Mutants

Well, normal super mutants wouldn't. They're idiots. But after discovering that super mutants aren't that much harder to kill than Raiders, I found the main lab.

In it was a special super mutant. He wasn't big, just green. And he wore a surgical outfit. He also carried a missile launcher, but luckily I didn't even know that until I was looting his corpse after a stealth kill. His name was The Surgeon. I don't know exactly what he was up to. My hacking skill wasn't good enough. (I should probably go back and find out.) But whatever it was, it was good that it had been stopped. I'd heard some stories that super mutants didn't kill people outright when they could just drag them away. Was The Surgeon turning them into super mutants? If so, I had done a very good thing exploring the tricycle plant and shutting that operation down.

Next time: When you're alone and life is making you lonely...

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