21 June, 2009

Keepalive: Misc.

written on Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not too much game playing got done today. Instead, I finished the first Republic Commando book. It was good. I'll pick up the rest tomorrow. I would have picked them up tonight, but I was asked to play some Killing Floor / Left 4 Dead by a fellow Penny Arcade forumer. I enjoyed the Killing Floor. But the PA folks like to do "pub stomps" in L4D, and that's just lame. Four good players vs. four random players is just no fun. It'll be nice when they finally get proper matchmaking into the game so teams of four can take each other on.

Honestly, I just don't get why bad players play versus mode. All they do is quit again in a couple minutes anyway. Where's the fun in that? They'd probably have more fun playing co-op and killing bots. Maybe they don't realize they're bad.

Here's a public service message. If you never spend more than five minutes on a server before deciding everyone else sucks and you should be somewhere else...

It's not them.

It's you.

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