16 October, 2008

Keepalive: Jericho

So I was thinking about needing to do a video playthrough of Jericho and decided to fire the game up. I finished it again. I forgot it was that short. :) Of course it helped that I knew how to beat all the bosses already. And playing through on hard wasn't that hard, just annoying because when I got injured it took forever to heal which meant flashing red screen and panic breath looping for days. I also started playing King Kong again when it was maligned on some other blog, but it's a bit longer and far less diverse, setting-wise, so I got about halfway through and put it down again.

I always wonder about my opinions. I know some change with time. So when people whose opinions I respect (or am supposed to respect) have opposite impressions of a game, I tend to double check. Playing through Jericho again, I can still see all the cheesiness. But it's still camp, to me. I can still see how haters of quick time events would be up in arms over the half dozen or so over the course of the game. But they don't penalize you and are cool to watch.

If anything I actually enjoyed the game more. On hard some of the encounters are long enough to feel like battles rather than checkpoints. I also experimented more with different characters. After using Jones for nothing but the situations that require him my first playthrough, it turns out he kicks $*@. Legionaries used to be a hassle. With Jones, they're so easy I feel a little guilty when I kill them.

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