29 August, 2005

Weapons Grade Stupidity (JO)

Matrix Moves
Here we are at Objective A of Twin Islands. Everybody's waiting for a helicopter to spawn. Well, everybody but Mike, that is. Mike is yelling at everybody waiting for a helicopter to spawn. As such they shoot at him to shut him up. (There is no friendly fire on the vast majority of Joint Ops servers.)

Instead of shutting up, though, Mike leans back and forth and jumps into the air, pretending to dodge their bullets. This, my friends, is weapons grade stupidity.

Tony Hawk, eat your heart out!

Here's another one we're not even responsible for. This dingus "landed" his helicopter like this and started screaming for people to get in. Yeah. You first.

Fun with High Explosives
While engineer rockets are powerful, even more powerful are rifleman satchel charges. Look as Mike stands there with his satchel charge, so innocent, so pure.

Now look as he throws it into a friendly chopper.

Don't worry. The chopper's fine. Mike's dead, but the chopper's fine. It just looks gnarly, the side effects of no friendly fire at work.

Here's an attempt for distance.

He definitely got good height on this attempt.

Here's a bit of sleight of hand. Now you see him.

Now you don't.

And here he his, blasting himself right at the camera. Isn't that restful looking?

It wasn't too long before the server automatically kicked him off. Servers have no sense of showmanship.

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