23 August, 2005

Expansion Pack Fun (JO)

Mike and I did get a chance to play a little Joint Ops. I think all the screen shots I've shown thus far are from the original game, so here are a few fun elements of the expansion pack.

Element One: Tanks

Tanks are fun. Here we are on a motorcycle, driving away from a tank that is trying to sneak up on the back of our base.

Here I am detinating the satchel charges we placed on said tank. We drove up next to the tank, threw both charges, and drove off. If the tank driver had bothered to have even one person with a pistol on lookout, this tragedy could have been averted. Also, the tank driver heard us drive up. If he or she had just bothered to hop out of the tank and shoot us, that also could have saved him or her. But no. This tank driver is dead because this tank driver is stupid. Mike and I are truly the chlorine in the Joint Ops gene pool.

Element Two: Golf Carts

When we discovered these little beauties in the expansion pack, we knew we were in love. They're small, silly looking, not very fast, unarmed, and sound like space ships from The Jetsons. They are totally ridiculous as a means of military transportation. As such, it is incredibly humiliating when we run over people with them.

Here is the view from the passenger seat. That's right. The passenger can only see out the back (and a little to each side). This renders the passenger virtually useless, most of the time.

Unless of course, he's carrying satchel charges. Here's the enemy spawn point. I've just dropped a satchel charge in the middle of it. Unfortunately we were over a hill when I detonated it, but rest assured, many lives were claimed. Oh yes, and we were honking our little go cart horn and yelling the entire time. Congratulations. You've just been killed by a clown car.

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